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braganza Sportswear

Sports shirt men

Sports shirt men

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What can the braganza sports shirt do and what not?

First the unbeatable skills

perfect for Training, by alternating the intensities:

It dries quickly on the skin, you don't get cold. (2-layer system)

longer mountain tours, also over several days:

With 100% finest cotton on the skin, you enjoy 100% natural, chemical-free odor control and you don't get cold.

Best Wearing comfort:

Running, training, athletics and mountaineering, you always feel great. This is always emphasized by the press, independent testers and our customers. Don't forget, you're wearing 100% natural fibers on your skin.

Best quality

Material and production from Central Europe by the best in their field.

What is our sports shirt not so good at?

It takes longer to dry on a hanger or clothesline than purely synthetic sports shirts.

When worn, the braganza sports shirt dries very quickly thanks to the 2-layer system and the body heat, but if you are completely wet, i.e. pretty worn out, it takes longer, as with all other shirts, before the drying process becomes noticeable.

Hardly noticeable, but at 200 g/sqm it weighs as much as a year-round merino shirt. So slightly heavier than a light blended fiber shirt or a purely synthetic functional shirt

And finally:

Unlike all other sports shirts, braganza connects the strengths of natural natural fiber, cotton and synthetic fibers and eliminate their weaknesses

materials and manufacturing

1st layer on the skin:

100% pure cotton mercerised by Feinjersey from Austria. ISO 14001:2015, Ökotex and GOTS certified. 

2nd layer, outside:

Microfibre made of 86% polyester and 14% ELElastan, extremely thin, from Schöller Textiles in Switzerland. Bluesign certified.


First of all, design and cut: In cooperation with the wonderful Anne Borgert, a full professional from Munich Schwabing, with her pattern workshop, the unique design and the patterns for production were created.

It is sewn by the ELASTIC company in Poland. The company sews in the highest quality and only premium.  


All from Germany, labels from the Fritz Schäfer label company.

The wonderful zippers from the Heiligenstadt zippers


Everything from BioBiene, compostable, to printer paper, made from grass fibre


Made in Europe

As you have already noticed, the braganza sports shirt is an overall European product: the best in their field work to ensure that the braganza sports shirt is designed to be as sustainable and of the highest quality as possible. The idea and the implementation come from Bavaria.


return? No problem

You can do the sports shirt test one month, and if you don't like it or don't like it, simply return it.

You bear no risk with an order. You get another shirt or that money back, or you simply order on Bill"and don't have to pay. You can use the mailer again.

The postage for the return is, according to the current status, still your responsibility.

The sports shirts with the feather-light two-layer system in blue and gray (cool gray) 

100% finest cotton on the skin, Moisture regulation (sweat evacuation), odor control chemical-free, sustainability from the fiber to the packaging and one through and through European product 

What can the braganza shirt do?

Rockclimbing: Uphill it cools you pleasantly, downhill it dries, you can use it on tours lasting several days and, as in the restaurant, you are the only one who doesn't smell unpleasant. "Chemical-free odor control"

training, Ball sports: When full-throttle units are replaced with regenerative breaks, you don't feel any unpleasant drafts, wind, that is You don't chill out. 

To run, Running: You don't feel it. The braganza sports shirt feels light, airy and with the fine 100% cotton very pleasant on the skin. A performance-enhancing film of sweat remains on the skin while the shirt dries slightly. It is already dry for the following workout. "Moisture transport"

Sustainable: Material, fabrics come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all are ecologically highly certified. Production takes place in Poland. And you don't have to wash it every time, because it doesn't smell even after repeated use. Thanks to the high-quality production, you can enjoy your sports shirt for a long time. It's very sturdy. 

What if I don't like it or don't like it?

Simply return. You do not bear any risk with an order. You will get another shirt or the money back, or you simply order on "invoice" and do not have to pay. You can use the mailer again.

Which size fits The following size table serves as a guide. The cutting dimensions are given. The closer you get to the size, the tighter it gets.  

size S. M. L. XL
Bust / chest in cm 96 104 108 114
Waist in cm 86 92 96 104 


Other extras:

The sleeves are designed to be airy, just like it Love runners and ball athletes.

If Round neck, V-neck or wide open, You have everything in one shirt. The zipper is perfectly incorporated and you will not notice it at any time. 

These properties together form the unique selling point of the braganza innovation. More information on how it works here

Material composition:
  • On the skin: 100% mercerized cotton (from Austria, including Bluesign, Oeko Tex)  
  • 2nd layer: Microfibre made of 86% PES, 14% EL (from Switzerland, top manufacturers, including Bluesign)


Test reports in the menu "Product Tests" and "News"


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    Top Shirt!

    Als Hobby-Leistungssportler habe ich schon viele Funktions- und Sport-Shirts getragen. Die meisten sind entweder angenehm zu tragen, werden aber feucht, oder sie werden nicht feucht, sind aber wegen der Kunststoffaser nicht wirklich angenehm als Freizeitshirt zu tragen. Das Braganza überzeugt mich: Bei hochsommerlichen Temperaturen getragen - man schwitzt nicht, und das Shirt bleibt trocken. Spitze!