Sports shirt sustainable natural fiber

The unique selling points of braganza sport shirts

The lightweight two-layer system

consists on the skin side of 100% finest wafer-thin and organic cotton. You are wearing 100% natural fibers, without foreign parts and without chemical treatment, on your skin. 

The equally wafer-thin layer of high quality is sewn over it Microfiber.

In total, the sports shirt weighs 200 grams per square meter. You won't feel it.

What can the systems do?

The braganza sports shirt resolves the trade-off between natural fibers and moisture regulation, and that in a chemical-free way.

  1. it cools you
  2. dries quickly when worn
  3. smells neutral even after repeated wearing without washing
  4. no skin irritation, as with blended fabrics or man-made fibers such as polyester and also the cellulose regenerated fibers (viscose) 

How does it look with sustainability, the ecological footprint?

The sustainable braganza sports shirt is completely "made in europe". The fabrics, cotton and microfibre, come from Austria and Switzerland and are highly ecologically certified (ökoTex, bluesign). Production is carried out in Poland by the best supplier, better partner we could find. Accessories, zippers and labels come from Germany. More on this

And the performance?


You always stay fit during the action, whether running, mountaineering, etc .., because the shirt cools you and a light, performance-enhancing film of sweat remains on the skin. Still it dries permanently, but not too much, it stays light. The braganza sports shirt should become world champion in the field of training, whether athletics, interval units and ball sports such as tennis etc. Because the shirt does not allow you to overcool during the breaks, on the contrary, it keeps out cool wind.

External top athletes are already enthusiastic, as are we ourselves. Take a look under the product tests, HERE

The press has also already tested, such as "Running time". HERE


Lukas beim Bergsteigen an einer ziemlich ausgesetzten StelleRunner`s high am NordseestrandTrailrunner Rob beim Intervalltraining

This also resolves another conflict of objectives, sustainability versus performance.

The best of both worlds, nature and function, are combined in a perfect sports shirt. The disadvantages are eliminated.


Have fun

Your Christian