Hiking shirt for mountaineers

What distinguishes a high-quality hiking shirt ?

The first thing you want to do when you slip on your Wandershirts feel comfortable It shouldn't scratch, it shouldn't itch, it should be light, ideally you should hardly feel it. Of the wearing comfort is certainly the most important feature that a good hiking shirt must have.

During the climb or when it gets strenuous and hot, your sports/hiking shirt should pleasantly cool. Good old cotton is ideal as a fiber here if it does not stay wet on the body and you run the risk of cooling down later. (Merino shirts are also made from pure natural fibers and remain similarly moist. We have tested this with various high-quality merino shirts). Synthetic hiking shirts dry faster in the air and only slightly faster on the body during a hike. The ideal hiking shirt should create a climate on the skin that you don't cool down as it dries on the body.

Who wants to stink at the summit and/or in the economy? Actually only a few. With synthetic sports shirts or shirts with synthetic admixtures, you have no choice but to change your mountaineering shirt, unless you have a lot of chemicals on your skin. 100% natural fiber shirts, like cotton, also have merino natural odor control property. You can do this without having to wash it Wandershirts wear it several times without getting muffled. 

In summary, the perfect hiking shirt has the following properties:

  1. best wearing comfort
  2. pleasant cooling
  3. fast drying on the body
  4. natural effective odor control

It will be really perfect if there is still sustainability and best quality to join.

And now we come to ours Sportshirt Sensation. This is the only sports shirt on the market that combines all these properties and quality features as a hiking shirt, as well as a running shirt and training shirt braganza Sportshirt with its unique patented two-layer system.


How does this unique combination work?

When it comes to textile equipment, every mountaineer is usually spoiled for choice: either you reach for a hiking shirt made of natural fibers, which inhibits odors but does not regulate moisture, or one made of synthetics, which keeps you drier but odors form . braganza therefore has a new, sustainable hiking shirt developed that combines the best of both worlds: 100% cotton next to skin, hence odor control natural way instead of. As a second layer, a high-quality microfiber provides the moisture wicking. The sports shirt is just as light as a year-round shirt made from merino, 200 g/sqm, but is very robust.

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What do customers, product testers and the trade press say about braganza's innovation? 

Everyone agrees on one thing: The Comfort is unique and the quality excellent.

Kundin (From Review Sportshirt Ladies cool grey, at the bottom of the page) : 

"After a few individual hikes, I had the t-shirt put to the test for the first time for a 4-day long-distance hike. What can I say: PASSED WITH DISTINCTIONS!!!

Dry super quick
Super comfortable to wear
high-necked cut (neck) very comfortable against wind
No heat build-up
No skin irritation when sweating heavily
and COMPLETELY ODOR-NEUTRAL even after wearing it for a long time and many kilometers in the heat of summer."


Under product testing you come to the tests.

To the press:

addicted to hiking  Duration   runner`s world

And one more thing from our own experience. If you arrive at the summit very sweaty and everyone else is changing their shirts, you can wait a few minutes and the drying will start noticeably. Then the braganza hiking shirt feels like you've slipped on a fresh one.

The braganza hiking shirt is a completely European product. You can find out more about transparency here

Christian Zwiesler

Hüttenkind, developer and owner of braganza