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Braganza Sport Shirt Ladies (RRP € 87)

The Braganza shirt was conceived by a sports-loving Bavarian who works in the textile industry. “The idea for my shirt came to me during a mountain tour: I like to wear nature on my skin, but then I cool off when I sweat because the shirt soaks up and stays wet. The synthetic alternative just smells unpleasant, ”says Braganza inventor Christian Zwiesler.

On the inside of the two-layer sports shirt, 100% cotton lies on the skin. As a second layer, a microfiber ensures moisture transport. The Braganza sports shirt is produced fairly and sustainably: The certified fabrics come from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The production takes place in Poland. The shirt is a little heavier than a pure functional shirt made of synthetic fiber and weighs about as much as a merino shirt with 200g / sqm quality. During the test, it is already noticeable when unpacking: The shirt does not smell (or smell) of solvents - you want to put it on because of the soft grip. In the hang tag in the shirt (sewn on the side), the material specifications are: Inner fabric 100% cotton. Outer fabric 86% polyester, 14% elastane.

In the wearing test, the inside actually proves to be extremely skin-friendly, the shirt sits softly. It is easy to put on and take off thanks to the zipper. The shape of the cut can be criticized - the shirt is cut very short in the torso. The fit is rather tight for the sizes. The material composition is not even noticeable when running. “Contrary to my expectations, I was surprised that there were no sweat stains at all,” said a test runner. At a normal training pace and mild temperatures, the test shirt proved to be very functional. However, the functionality has its limits on very hot days or during intense runs. The Braganza shirt is recommended for runs of up to 45 to 60 minutes, here it is functional and the wearing comfort comes into its own.