innovative running shirt women

With the braganza running shirt women you wear it next to your skin 100% pure and light cotton, chemical-free and do not have to do without moisture regulation. You can wear it several times without washing and without smelling.

How does this unique combination work?

every runner knows that: either you enter Running shirt made of natural fiber, sweats and stays wet or one off synthetic, smells or you have even more chemicals on your skin. braganza has developed a new running shirt that combines the best of both worlds: 100% cotton on the skin, therefore the odor inhibition takes place naturally. Worries about it as second layer a high quality microfiber for the Moisture wicking. The women's running shirt is just as light as a year-round merino shirt, 200g / sqm. For the athlete this means: Comfortable to wear while running without cooling down. And without frequent washing.

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    Lini läuft am Nordseestrand mit braganza Laufshirt-Damen           



What do customers, product testers and the trade press say about the braganza women's running shirt? 

Everyone agrees on one thing: The Comfort is unique and the Excellent quality.

customer (From Review Sportshirt Ladies blue, at the bottom of the page): 

"I received it and had to go jogging straight away. Great fit, comfortable on the skin and what was crucial for me, no more red spots on the skin from synthetic fibers, polyamide, etc. Will be ordered again. TOP"

"The shirt fits really well and looks chic. It is not only visually impressive, it is also very comfortable to wear. During exercise, the shirt was always dry quickly."


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To the press:

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And something else from our own experience and that of the external tester Robs (product tests). The running shirt is unbeatable in interval training. If you incorporate short sprints, 200m intervals or speed runs into your training, you usually sweat and take breaks. Our shirt works perfectly here. You don't cool down and the wearing comfort remains outstanding. 

The braganza running shirt women is a completely European product. You can find more about transparency here

Zwiesi bei den drei Zinnen mit braganza Sportshirt

Christian Zwiesler

Hüttenkind, developer and owner of braganza