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runnershigh am Flugfeld Neubiberg mit braganza Sportshirt

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If you are at the Rockclimbing, in the training, at the To run or also at fitness with pleasure 100% fine cotton on the skin weary, but on Moisture transport do not want to do without and enjoy that no smell of sweat then the newly developed sports shirts from braganza will be interesting for you. The new development is also perfect for training units in which heavy units alternate with rest breaks, such as with Soccer training, interval training etc .. Because You're not cooling down

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Functional underwear:

The basics of the braganza product family include Formula 1 underpants, with more horsepower in the front crotch area. All pants 

braganza Sportswear is manufactured in Central Europe and is patented and in-house developments from Bavaria. Fabrics and accessories are sourced from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Sportswear from braganza is consistently sustainable and fair produced.    

Lukas mit braganza Sportshirt beim Bergsteigen aufgenommen von Thomas Herdieckerhoff

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