Timo, Viva und Lukas mit braganza Sportshirt beim Running, Warm-Up und beim Bergsteigen

Top athletes love them Performance, all athletes, the unmatched wearing comfort and individualists the special on braganza sports shirts, efficient, odor control included.

100% finest, ecological and chemical-free cotton on the skin, yet quick drying during sports, is only available from braganza

You don't want to take it off anymore

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Functional underpants with more security and strength in the intimate area, breathable. For sporty ladies who like to do without panty liners and for real men

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The innovative function, or what is special

What is special about braganza # s sustainable Sportswear

Here is an attempt to express it for you in one sentence.

Outstanding sporty properties and extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the combination of innovative technology and sustainable, high-quality manufacturing.

Or: You wear 100% ecological natural fibers on your skin, do not cool down and at the same time experience an effective and chemical-free odor inhibition.

This is how the braganza sports shirt works: 

 Graphik über die Funktionsweise von braganza Sportbekleidung


The patented combination of substances consists of two layersthat are sewn together to form a garment. The side lying on the inside / on the skin consists of a, specially woven for braganza, extremely light, pure and fine cotton fabric. This takes care of pleasant cooling and wears wonderfully. As it is ecological 100% natural fiber is what happens Odor inhibition chemical-free. Sewn over it is a specially woven lightweight microfiberthat for the Moisture wicking cares. A piece of clothing combines the advantages of natural fibers with the advantages of synthetic fibers. The disadvantages of cooling down due to natural substances that dry too slowly and chemicals on the skin, strong odor formation with synthetic fibers are eliminated. The shirt is included 200g / sqm very easy.

The effect: Nature on the skin and moisture transport plus odor inhibition without chemicals.

Schaubild über die Vorteile von braganza Sportbekleidung

The many testers unanimously confirmed that they have worn our sportswear several times without washing it. Odors only develop from the third, fourth or fifth sweating during exercise. Another plus on the subject sustainability. Your Favorite shirt has to go into the washing machine less often.

You can also see the sporting strengths of our innovation on the article page Sports shirt men or Ladies read. But a little bit about it should already be revealed here. In fact, a competitive athlete does not immediately use a test product in an important competition. It was all the more surprising for us that our "Performance" tester the shirt just like that for one Ultra running over 62km and 1900 vertical meters and excited was. It's wonderful that our idea also applies to such Extreme sports events interspersed. The strengths of our sportswear at Mountain sports and also at Athletics training, running, soccer and tennis are known to the braganza team and myself as the founders, but we are also very happy to receive top marks at the first extreme event.(Also under product tests)

Ultraläufer Timo beim Innsbruck Panorama Ultra Trail mit braganza Sportbekleidung


Why not a layer of fabric and / or a different choice of fabric?

In order to achieve approximately the same performance result with one layer of fabric and / or with the combination of various other fabrics, you would have to use highly chemical treatments that you then wear on your skin. And we don't want that. The regenerated fibers Lyocell, Modal, Viscose, Tencel etc ... have a natural background, wood or cotton scraps. These fibers, however, are classified as man-made fibers, as the chemical component predominates in production. That can be done with our ecological attitude sustainable sportswear do not agree. Apart from that, the same fantastic properties would not be achieved. 

Sportswear from braganza consists of pure organic cotton and highly certified synthetic microfibre which in the future will also be obtained from renewable sources. (That could not be implemented at this point in time).

The fabrics are currently sourced from Austria and Switzerland.

Accessories are from Germany and our sportswear is manufactured after a long, quality-relevant acquisition from the best supplier to date, which is based in our Polish neighbors.     


Zwei zusammengelegte Sportshirts für Sportbekleidung 




Transparency and sustainability

braganza sports shirts and functional underpants are honestly sustainable. Everything made in Europe in the best quality. Therefore short delivery routes, certified fabrics and accessories.

Ok, let's get started right away, without any advertising text and a meadow of flowers in the background.



100% pure cotton mercerized by Feinjersey from Austria. ISO 14001: 2015, Ökotex and GOTS certified. Here link

 Note: Feinjersey also offers organic cotton, including hand-picking. We would have liked to have used it, but due to the foreign bodies that are in hand-picked cotton, it cannot be woven for the extremely fine quality we need. But we are working on it. 


Microfibre made of polyester and elastane, very thin, from the company Schöller Textiles in Switzerland. Bluesign certified. And what commitment Schöller shows for sustainable production Here the link

Note: Of course, it is our goal to use recycled materials, and it will remain so. At the moment it has not yet been possible. But we stay tuned. 


All from Germany, labels from Fritz Schäfer Etiketten.

The wonderful zippers from the Heiligenstadt zippers


First design and cut: In cooperation with the wonderful Anne Borgert, full professional from Munich Schwabing, with her pattern workshop, the unique design and the patterns for production were created.

The sewing is done by the ELASTIC company in Poland. The company sews in the highest quality and only premium. Contact came about through the chambers of commerce in both countries. The collaboration immediately turned out to be on the same wavelength and very positive.

Note: In Germany, all attempts to find a suitable partner who met our quality standards had failed. 



Everything from organic bees, compostable to paper, made of grass fiber, in the office.


Made in Europe

A European team made up of the best in their field and always on the way to being as sustainable as possible is what makes the braganza shirt. The idea and the implementation come from Bavaria.


How can it be that the price of this quality product is so relatively cheap?

This is our philosophy. We do not save or negotiate where others save and haggle over prices, i.e. when purchasing from partners and suppliers. We work together to get the best result.

We refrain from excessive marketing measures, high entrepreneur salaries or profits and keep the company structure lean.



About Us

"Us" is braganza, although the company is actually a sole proprietorship of and with me. Alone it is rarely easy and not so funny. Therefore we come back to the plural, which consists of my family, many sports friends, great advisors, great partners, as well as reliable suppliers.

I am in my mid-50s, live in Neubiberg, am married and have two grown-up children. Sports, as a child soccer and skiing, later also running, tennis and mountaineering, is in our family DNA. Therefore, as a hut (mountain) child, the idea for my shirt came to me during a mountain tour:
I like to wear nature (especially cotton) on my skin, but it stays wet. Synthetics I do not want to wear, because they stink and you wear too much chemistry on the skin. I came across the solution, the unique textile combination, through many years of managing our former family business, a medium-sized textile cleaning company, with major customers in the sportswear industry. 

Apart from perfect performance and customer happiness, nature has always been close to my heart. Sustainability is not an empty phrase for me.

For questions and suggestions I am at your disposal with pleasure. Just send me an email at zwiesler@braganza.de or use the contact form or call me. +49 160 9799 2434


 Euer Christian Zwiesler


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    100% pure light, finest Cotton on the skin, perfect breathability, no smell of sweat, best wearing comfort.

    This is the innovation of the feather-light 2-layer technology. The braganza sports shirt performs where you need it: In Training, at the Hiking, Mountaineering, Running, Running, Indoor and Outdoor.

    Maybe it's also important to you that it's honest sustainable and a complete European product is.

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