Skin-friendly sportswear

The main causes of skin irritation from sportswear, such as acne or red spots after or during sports, do not exist at braganza Sportswear.


1. summary

2. Sportswear in general

3. The solution from braganza's skin-friendly sports shirts

4. Professional washing tip


Customer rating:

"TOP quality as desired

Received it and had to go jogging straight away. Super fit, pleasant on the skin and what was crucial for me, no more red spots on the skin from synthetic fibers, polyamide, etc. Will order again. TOP"


1. Summary:

skin irritation, red spots Acne or itching in connection with sports and the appropriate clothing are mainly caused by the applied chemistry of fiber production and especially the equipment. Also wrong washing can cause skin irritation or rashes. 

The braganza innovation is a 2-layer system. On the skin you wear 100% very light ecological cotton of the highest quality. The equipment, so that the cotton layer does not shrink, is of a mechanical, not chemical, nature. Also we use a light shade to minimize dyes. Through the selection of our fabrics and the 2-layer system, skin irritations are avoided in the best possible way.

The highlight: You don't have to do without moisture regulation (performance), although you don't wear the slightest bit of synthetics or chemicals on your skin, and the shirt doesn't smell unpleasant during and after exercise.


2. For the most part, it's the chemistry and quality of the sportswear

synthetic chemical fibers, such as polyester, polyamide, i.e. the poly fibers are of a purely chemical nature (oil) from the fiber production and are, among other things, additionally, in order to avoid the formation of odors, highly chemically provided with silver ions and similar equipment. In the case of synthetics, the odor bacteria accumulate on the fiber surface and develop immediately. Unlike pure natural materials such as cotton, linen, sheep's wool, etc., the odor bacteria migrate into the fiber interior and develop very slowly. Apart from that, many athletes generally do not tolerate synthetic materials on their skin.

regenerative chemical fibers, so-called regenerated cellulose fibers such as viscose, lyocell, tencel, modal. Are you surprised by the classification of man-made fibers? They are offered as natural fibers for marketing purposes. (This is school knowledge) The chemical content in the fiber production process is higher than the assessment of the raw material content of wood and wood residues, including cotton residues. Also this chemical processing can lead to itching, red spots etc. (Note: I can't wear it, I'm itchy about regenerative goods)

There are over 800 different chemical finishes for clothing. Also for natural fibers Many highly chemical substances are used to prevent shrinkage, to conceal the poor quality of the raw material or to achieve special effects.  

The quality of the fabrics plays an important role. With cheap goods, you can assume that the raw material, including cotton, has been treated highly chemically, simply to save costs. Likewise, when it comes to price dumping, the processing is no longer so accurate. 


3. This is the solution of braganza skin-friendly sportswear


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             braganza hautfreundliche Sportbekleidung, keine hautirritationen mehr, Du willst es nicht mehr Ausziehen


The skin-friendly braganza sports shirt consists of two feathery layers. Your skin only touches 100% ecological cotton (no admixtures), ÖkoTex certified. Accordingly, fewer pesticides and chemicals are used in fiber production. The coloring of the side facing the skin is intentionally a light grey. Strong and dark colors generally have more skin-irritating chemistry. It will no chemical equipment used. The cotton is mercerized to avoid shrinkage. This is a mechanical type of equipment (is very expensive and a tried and true technique). 

The highlight: The second layer of microfiber works in conjunction with body heat to wick sweat away. The shirt dries quickly when worn and sweat puts less strain on the skin. 100% sporty performance. 


4.Tips for washing


originator of Skin irritation, itching and reddening of the skin can also Detergent residues and surfactants be.

With a Wool detergent without softeners (unnecessary chemistry) you have the best cards. They are ph-neutral, rather still in the slightly acidic range.

the aalkaline range irritates the skin, this is how heavy-duty detergents, but also delicate detergents are set. Here it takes at least three rinsesto wash out the residues of surfactants.

If your skin gets offended faster than you would like, use a good wool detergent without softeners, less fragrance and be sure to rinse it out well. This is normally guaranteed with boil colored washes.

Have fun



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