Sport briefs instead of panty liners

Breathable functional underpants with hygienic function in the crotch area 

Who does not know that:

The panty liners slip during exercise and / or it feels uncomfortable because no air circulates.

After the toilet, a few sleepy drops get lost from the urethra in the direction of the underpants. Conventional underpants are not enough. The mass phenomenon is called Nachtröpfeln, even if it is only two or three drops.

Only braganza Sportswear has found an elegant and sporty solution with its sporty briefs, panties and boxer shorts.

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Damen Slip statt Slipeinlagen für den Sport     Sport Panty statt Slipeinlagen    sportlicher Boxershort mit Hygienefunktion für Nachtröpfeln   Herren Sportslip mit Funktion für geringes Nachtröpfeln

The function is sewn into the functional underpants in the crotch area. It consists of a wafer-thin cotton molton and an additional microfiber that is so tightly woven that no moisture escapes, but breathability is guaranteed.

The suction power is equivalent to a medium panty liner. You neither feel nor see the function. It does not apply. This means that you can comfortably do without panty liners when exercising. Well, sport briefs instead of panty liners. 

Far more than 50% of men (regardless of age) know the "little" dribble. It is not for nothing that the old saying "It doesn't help to shake or knock, the last drop goes in your pants" persists in linguistic usage.

It is probably a sensitive topic for you too, but it remains strange that until now only braganza sportswear has considered functional pants with further hygienic developments and brought them onto the market. 

The highlight: You don't see the function of the underpants and you can't feel them either.

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Zwiesi beim Bergsteigen trägt braganza Mustershirt und natürlich braganza Boxershorts statt Slipeinlagen

Christian Zwiesler

Developer and owner of braganza sportswear, enthusiastic athlete (always on the go with braganza functional underpants and braganza sports shirt)