about us

"Us" is Braganza, although the company is actually a sole proprietorship by and with me. Alone it rarely goes and is not that funny. Therefore, we come back to the plural, which consists of my family, a large circle of friends, great partners, as well as suppliers and wonderful people who have provided me with a lot of input professionally.   

Before I founded the company, I already had my first product, the Formula 1 underpants, developed. Back then in the former family business, a medium-sized textile cleaning company. In addition to the core business, we carried out product tests and repairs for very well-known sportswear companies and fashion houses. The idea became a finished product and this was brought to the market. 

The technical innovation, the function of the perfect underpants and my enthusiasm for sports led me to another "special" product idea, that Sports shirt with the unique combination of moisture regulating properties and 100% natural fiber on the skin. So the odor inhibition takes place naturally, without chemical equipment.

A few years went into production, also due to the unconditional inner will to the highest quality and the attitude to implement the production processes, delivery conditions fairly and to use sustainable materials, fabrics and packaging.

Now it seems that the adventure Braganza is in the next round. The sports shirt is to be launched on the market via a crowdfunding campaign - so it remains exciting.                  

I am happy to answer your questions and suggestions. Just send me an email at zwiesler@braganza.de or use the contact form or call me. 


Your Christian Zwiesler