Function pants

 How does the sports and hygiene function of Braganza work?

The function is incorporated in the front crotch area. The wafer-thin cotton molton in front of the body ensures fluid absorption. Thanks to its fiber properties and structure, cotton molton is still the most absorbent fabric. Downstream, the microfibre specially equipped by the Swiss premium equipment manufacturer Schöller (supplier for Mammut, among others) is responsible for breathability. Liquid cannot escape. Cold and drafts are kept out. Especially during physical activity, sport evaporates fluid / sweat through the body heat and is derived from the microfibre. 

The effect: It feels dry to wear and, contrary to the concerns that the cotton could stay wet when soaked, the sports hygiene function dries very quickly and remains receptive (roughly the same as a medium panty liner). The sensitive intimate area is thus perfectly protected for the first time. In addition, the natural fiber cotton has an odor-inhibiting effect and that without chemicals. 

The function is not bulky and you can hardly feel it. Nothing is visible to the outside.


As with these sports briefs in side format, the function is neither visible nor perceptible with any of the Braganza briefs: