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Sporty men's boxer

Sporty men's boxer

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Sporty men's boxer shorts 


Boxer shorts with more horsepower in the crotch

The further development of the underpants for real men

The extra power is in front crotch area incorporated. The function consists of two wafer-thin layers of fabric with a total thickness 1.5 mm. Upstream, cotton molton ensures fluid absorption. Cotton molton is very absorbent due to its fiber properties and structure. Downstream is a specially woven microfiber for the Fluid absorption and breathability responsible. It penetrates no liquid (up to 20ml) to the outside. Cold and drafts are kept out. The function is neither externally visible, so it doesn’t add up, nor is it noticeable when wearing. The perfect protection during sport plus additional security. 

  • Boxer shorts with sporty and unique properties
  • PS function in the crotch area holds back liquid up to 20ml
  • Protects against external influences such as cold and drafts
  • Breathable, odor-inhibiting
  • Outer fabric 95% cotton 5% elastane
  • Material composition of the function
  • 100% cotton molton
  • 100% microfibre, special
  • Tight fit and therefore perfect for sport


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