Sustainable sportswear

braganza sportswear sustainable is a completely European product, nothing comes from low-wage countries and / or is sent across the continents. 


The fair-trade sports shirt consists of two sewn together in Poland very light layers of fabric. That is the idea behind sustainable sportswear. You wear on your skin 100% finest ecological natural fiber and through the second layer in connection with body heat The shirt dries quickly when worn. You do not come into contact with synthetic fibers (polyester etc ..) or with chemical equipment (silver ions etc ..) on your body 

Fair trade, sustainability and nature on the skin meet performance. functionality



100% pure cotton mercerized, an expensive mechanical equipment and, compared to the usual equipment to prevent shrinkage (shrinkage), more environmentally neutral, from the company Feinjersey from Austria. ISO 14001: 2015, Ökotex and GOTS certified. here you can convince yourself of it.

Feinjersey also offers organic cotton, including hand-picking. We would have liked to have used it, but due to the foreign bodies that are in hand-picked cotton, it cannot be woven for the extremely fine quality we need. But we are working on it. 


Microfibre made of polyester and elastane, very thin, from the company Schöller Textiles in Switzerland. Bluesign certified. And you can see what commitment Schöller shows for sustainable production here read up

Of course, our goal is and will be to use recycled fabrics. At the moment it has not yet been possible. But here, too, we want to perfect the already sustainable sportswear even more ecologically. 


All from Germany, labels from Fritz Schäfer Etiketten.

The wonderful zippers from the Heiligenstadt zippers

Braganza sportswear is sewn in Poland 

First of all, design and cut: In collaboration with the wonderful Anne Borgert, Full professional from Munich Schwabing, with your pattern workshop, the unique design and the patterns for production were created.

The sewing is done by the ELASTIC company in Poland. The company sews in the highest quality and only premium. Logically, we don't want to have production in low-wage countries with confusing working conditions. Contact came about through the chambers of commerce in both countries. The collaboration immediately turned out to be on the same wavelength and very positive.

(In Germany, all attempts to find a suitable partner who met our quality standards had failed. And that is not due to the price)


All of Organic bee , braganza sportswear sustainable is packed in compostable film and sent in shipping bags made of grass paper. The printer paper in the office is also recyclable, the labels are also made of grass fiber.


Made in Europe

As you have already noticed, the braganza sports shirt is a European total product: The best in their field work to ensure that the braganza sports shirt is designed to be as sustainable as possible. The idea and the implementation come from Bavaria.

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