Test 2: Kampfsportler, Allrounder, Bergsteiger und Läufer, Lukas

Our tester # 2: Lukas

We recently presented you with the test report from ultra trail runner Timo - this week it's at least as sporty with Lukas. The 28-year-old from Munich is a true all-round talent when it comes to sports: Martial arts are his favorite discipline, otherwise he spends his free time climbing, weight training, running and movement. How did the braganza sports shirt fare in these different disciplines? We just asked.

Lukas, what does sport mean to you?

For me, sport means above all learning and growing and, above all, variety. I always like to try something new in sports, for example I'm currently working on the handstand.

In which of your many sports did you test the braganza sports shirt?

Especially when hiking, jogging and exercising outdoors.

In your opinion, what distinguishes the braganza sports shirt?

It is very pleasant on the skin, hardly any odors are formed and it is also very comfortable.

Where is there still room for improvement?

Seasonal variations of the shirt would be a nice thing. For the winter a long-sleeved, possibly a little bit thicker shirt would be great - for the summer maybe a variant that is a little bit lighter.

Why should the braganza sports shirt come on the market?

Quite simply: Because there is no such comfortable, functional shirt with 100% natural on the skin and fair production conditions on the market.

Incidentally, Lukas is currently preparing for the next martial arts competitions - if things go well, there will certainly be braganza sponsorship by then 😉 

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