Sports shirts are coming soon via crowdfunding (more details below)

Sports shirts from Braganza

A novelty on the sports market. Patented

You wear 100% nature on the skin and you do not have to do without moisture regulation (sweat wicking). Odor inhibition occurs naturally, without chemicals.

These properties together form the unique selling point of the Braganza innovation.

  • Perfect on mountain tours, constant changing of shirts is no longer necessary
  • Provides pleasant cooling at high temperatures, dries surprisingly quickly in the resting phase
  • And you never smell unpleasant
  • In training, running, sprint training, soccer, so when you alternate between exertion and breaks, you don't cool off


The sports shirt is to be launched on the Startnext platform via crowdfunding. The campaign will start in July 2020. The start is communicated via newsletter and on the (News) page.

You can easily be the first Sports shirts at a special price save or Vouchers for the Braganza Shop with Discounts up to 15% acquire.

How it works:

Via a link, which is placed here at the start of the campaign, you can go directly to the project. Take a look at it and choose a "thank you". The thank-you gifts consist of shirts at a special price or various vouchers with discounts.

Your transfer initially lands on an intermediate account from the platform. If the funding goal is reached, production of the sports shirts can begin. After about four months the shirts will be ready and can be delivered to you. Or you can redeem the vouchers for panties immediately after the campaign ends. You can of course redeem the vouchers for all Braganza items.

If the funding target is not reached, you will get your money back 100%.