Aus Einzeldisziplin wird Teamsport

From the idea to the implementation, I was behind braganza alone for years, until now fortunately some family members are volunteering - so braganza is now a family project. The young and wild ones bring dynamism, energy and a lot of fun to the project. Fortunately, there is also tremendous expertise. Marie, my daughter (student of media studies), brings a lot of momentum and elegance to texts of all kinds. The bumpy ones are then left over from me. Sabrina, my niece (internal corporate communications officer), corrects and supports the press. Richard, her husband (Art Director), is responsible for the wonderful pictures and graphics. All together, Team braganza, work together on the social media presence and do it with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. There is also Lukas, my son, as a model and product tester (martial arts and mountain enthusiasts) and my nephew Timo, who extensively tested the prototypes as an ultra runner, marathon runner and trail runner.
As in sports, it is fun on your own, but even more so in a team. It can go on like this, Team braganza is ready for the kick-off!

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